[aprssig] Lubbock Paths?

John Habbinga kc5zrq at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 15:31:15 CDT 2007

>         Maybe I misinterpreted the status text?  It appears to me
> that LBB-4 and LBB-6 are both on 446.15.

Yes, W5LBB-6 is also on 446.150 MHz.  It is currently setup at my home
in Lubbock for testing, but it will soon be moved to South Plains
College in Levelland.

The beacons of these digipeaters will be seen on 446.150, but not on
144.390 MHz.  However, if you transmit a beacon on 446.150 MHz and it
is heard by W5LBB-4, then it will come out on both 446.150 (LBB-4) and
144.390 MHz (LBB-3).

You can send and receive messages to others on VHF from UHF, but you
must be monitoring the UHF digi/I-Gate to get the response.

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