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[aprssig] Lubbock Paths?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Sep 17 20:32:29 UTC 2007

> Which part is confusing?

I guess, when I see a digipeater, I assume it is on 144.39.  SO
in light of that assumption, then when one sees a frequency
listed with a digipeater, in the past it has always meant that
there is a voice repeaater or other object on that frequency in
the same area.  A logical and consistent assumption.

Now that you have corrected this missconception, it appears that
you are operating some TELPAC nodes which also happen to serve
as digipeaters on a different frequency.  In that case your
method makes perfect sense too.

That is what I get for looking at FINDU.  On the air there would
not have been any confusion.  If I heard these packets on 446,
then it would be obvious where they are.  

Sorry for the confusion...

Bob, WB4APR.

> W5LBB-3 S#
> Comment: PHG8430 IG,W3,WTXn LUBBOCK *KC5ZRQ
> Status: LUBBOCK TX DIGI/GATE 144.390 MHz
> Details:
> !3334.18NS10151.28W#PHG8430 IG,W3,WTXn LUBBOCK *KC5ZRQ
> W5LBB-4 S#
> Comment: PHG6470 IG,W3,WTXn LUBBOCK *446.15 
> Status: 446.150 MHz APRS/TELPAC KC5ZRQ
> Details:
> !3334.18NS10151.28W#PHG6470 IG,W3,WTXn LUBBOCK *446.15 
> KC5ZRQ-10 Wa
> Comment: PHG6470 LUBBOCK - 446.150MHz TELPAC
> Status: (No status message)
> Details:
> !3334.18NW10151.28WaPHG6470 LUBBOCK - 446.150MHz TELPAC

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