[aprssig] Mobile Packet Range

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Sep 18 04:31:51 CDT 2007

Hi Scot.

I didn't say that you could legaly use it, just that there is lots of
information there that will *Fix* one issue, "Understanding" it.

For many "Ham's", "Black box" use is all they are (a)licenced to do, or
(b)are capable of.  Unlike you and me, they just do not want to know
what goes on under the hood, they just want to get on air and use it.
If they are happy pay the vendors to do that, then so be it.   Over hear
they are know as appliance opereators.  Sad, but true.

If the "closed" nature of it all realy distresses you that much (and I
appreciate it may do) then go lobby the FCC/ARRL and anyone else who
will listen,  Especialy ICOM America, let them know there is another
"more open" sustem they could use.   Try the oposition (Yeasu, Kenwood
etc) see what their plans may be.  If both of them came out with a
similar system that would work between them, but not D-Star(tm) as it is
now, that might change things in the long term.

Other tack.....   Not that I condone it.
>From the information provided, if the rest of the world went out and
"cloned" the protocol, what would/could they do once the cat is out?

What is the *Exact* history of AMBE (or IMBE for that matter) ?   What
was it's orignal intended use, civil, government or military? 

I'm off up-country now to mess with some multiple kW microwave stuff.
If I don't fry myself, I'll be back.


Dave G0WBX.

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> You still can't use it.  Either you pay an exorbitant 
> licensing fee, or you buy their hardware, or you get sued.
> I've got nothing against the AMBE codec.  I just don't think 
> it has a place in amateur radio.  Check out the manual at 
> http://www.dvsinc.com/manuals/AMBE-2000_manual.pdf - when was 
> the last time you used a chip with a full-page, fine-print EULA?
> Yes, there are dev kits.  With the SAME chips, enriching the 
> same company, and you still can't implement the codec 
> yourself.  At least with something like EVRC-B you can get 
> DSP code, and it's standards-based.
> I just can't understand how that black box requirement is 
> acceptable to hams.  I suppose most hams have just grown to 
> accept that their radios are full of things they don't 
> understand as they've filled up with DSPs and FPGAs, but 
> there are plenty of us who DO understand those things, and 
> anyone can learn the details of how it works and duplicate it 
> themselves given the time and inclination and a modicum of skill.
> The fact that the FCC didn't object surprises me.  The fact 
> that the ARRL didn't object disappoints me.  Better to ensure 
> there are plenty of new easy-to-use digital radios on the 
> market to keep up the interest of the masses than to worry 
> about interoperability and home brewing, I suppose.
> Scott
> N1VG
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