[aprssig] D700 APRS squelch. NOT

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Sep 18 22:00:47 CDT 2007

>> sometimes get the D-700 (KC0RNP-9) to show 
>> "MY POS" and other times it does not. 
>> I have the squelch set as low as I can 
>> on the radio with out it staying open all 
>> the time (Which would cause my station 
>> to never TX...

Exactly.  But the squelch has nothing to do with packet RX and
so there is no reason to set it anywhere except way up.  Why
take the risk of a nearby computer, gas pump, ATM machine or any
other interference from knocking your mobile off of APRS by
opening the squelch.

As you note, an open squelch will completely disable your system
from ever transmitting.  Even if you have the volume turned
down, or you run CTCSS 100 voice alert.  There is no advantage
of the Band A squelch other than bad.  SO set it high enogh so
that it never opens on noise.  

It wont affect packet RECEPTION at all which is independent of
the noise squelch.  While it has th epotential to toally kill
operation on TX.


> > it's POS). I see that KC9FIQ-7 is 58.1 km away from my 
> home. Should I
> > use WIDE3-3? I know that KC0FIQ-7 supports it. Or should I
just use
> > WIDE2-2 and not worry about the D-700 showing "MY POS?"
> > 
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