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[aprssig] Bob Not Using His Own Advice?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 20 01:26:57 UTC 2007

> Bob please look at
> it shows you as using RELAY. Why? Your telling 
> all of us not to use it but you are?

Today I took the day off to attend a major IEEE conference in
Washington DC on Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles PHEV's.  My
Solar PHEV Prius was one of 5 PHEV's on display.  (Mine was the
only DIY one, and probably why they were interested in seeing
it, because all the others were by commercial concerns..  And
this meeting had senators and ex-CIA chiefs in the audience.

One conferee asked for a ride to the metro after it was all
over.  And so on the way, I turned on APRS and was trying to
demo the D710.  I didn't seem to be getting out.  My passenger
was in sheer panic, as I calmly fiddled with the knobs while
driving through downtown rush hour DC traffic.

Found the bad path and changed it.  Then remembered, that this
had happened before and I have fixed it before... THEN I
realized that each time I was fixing it, I was not then RESAVING
the PM!    Last time I loaded the RELAY paradigm in the D710 was
weeks ago on a trip because the area I was in (I forget where)
only had a RELAY digi and it was the only way out.

So, I forgot to ever change it back, and so the next time I made
another change for operating via GO-32 and PM Saved that, then
this path got permanently saved.

Anyway, tonight I did remember to resave the PM so it should be
out of my system now...

Here is my Solar PHEV:

Wow, was it a stimulating meeting.  I sat at the same snack
table as the USA Toyota  and Honda reps.  They never said a
public word during the whole conference.  Why should they, they
were perfectly content to have everyone gloating over hybrid
technology... And praises for finally bringing good hybrid
technology to the USA.

The GM rep was there and was on the Speakers podium and panel.
It was a crime.  All he did was make excuses after excuses as to
why it was too hard, too expensive, would take too much
investment, and they cannot afford to make small runs of only  a
few hundred thousand vehicles.  They had to make millions of
them to be cost effective.  And besides, no one will buy them,
no one is willing to pay for them, and if the price of gas goes
back to $1 a gallon, then they will be stuck with them all
unsold.  They said, their customers don't want them..  I could
cry.  No wonder GM is bankrupt and going nowhere.

Another speaker quoted Henry Ford over 100 years ago, when asked
why Ford built the Model T the way they did, without asking the
customers what they wanted...  His answer was "If we asked the
customer what he wanted, the answer would have been "we want a
faster horse"!

It is just rediculuous that America (as represented by GM) still
demands a GAS powered vehicle which costs 10 cents per mile to
drive when an Electric Vehicle can run for 1 cent per mile.  The
economics are there!  If we could just get Detroit out of the
way, we might be able to quit sending a Billion  Dollars a day
to The Arabs for oil...

But I digress...


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