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[aprssig] Bob Not Using His Own Advice?

Rick Green rtg at aapsc.com
Thu Sep 20 16:06:18 UTC 2007

On Thu, 20 Sep 2007, Keith VE7GDH wrote:

> could narrow down the direction of the whatever is responding to RELAY. RDF 
> from another station could also be employed. It would be trickier if there 
> was more than one, but someone with time on their hands could finally park in 
> the shadow of the antenna at the suspect digi(s) and beacon with a path of 
> RELAY into a dummy load and see if that particular digi responds.
  Just to be clear, the goal isn't to shut down stations responding to 
RELAY, but instead elmer them into changing their digi alias to WIDE1-1, 
right?  So when you've located a station responding to RELAY, the next 
step would be to see if they also respond to WIDE1-1...

Rick Green

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                                   -Benjamin Franklin

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