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[aprssig] Re: New APRS Virtual Reality Idea(s)!

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 02:13:42 UTC 2007

  Comments on several posts:

 RE: PTT after.
Make the Beacon a preamble (like the Motorola system)
and delay the voice.  That is ok for PTT, but not full

>>No need to have a high/low tone to indicate
>> I just listen to the amount on noise on his signal.
     Or just make he Audio Level proportional to
distance, just like with real sound.  (see below re:

>> add a pager type vibrator motor and link the speed
to the distance.

    This sounds non-intuitive, but may be useful for
some other indication.  Perhaps vibrate to indicate
very close – as in "about to bump-into" close....  OR 
heavy traffic ahead.

With a speed of sound of at 1100 ft./sec.  that's
0.909 ms per foot or 0.5303 for a 7" head.  Put some
level control also and I think you've got it.   MANY
years ago I did build a bucket brigade delay with 4066
switches and capacitors for some advanced
communication system research.  I think that PCB is
still in the project box somewhere.  Alas, no DSP
knowledge, but it sounds trivial for a guru.

RE: Front-Back problem
    Can't you put two drivers [fore – aft] in the
headphones?  BUT... How *do* we differentiate
front/back with two ears ??  Local reflections /
reverb ??  We *do* hear more reverb that we realize.
(see next)

>>  if it's dead ahead or behind,  shift it just a bit
to where it's distinguishable.

    The issue is that 45 degrees (in front of right)
will be the same as 135 degrees (behind right); not a
"dead ahead/behind" problem.

> ... speed.  A constant tone is a fixed station, and
one with a sweep would be moving.  
> Rate  of sweep would be proprtional [sic] to speed.
... blind hams  experience APRS!
> ...  a little "dit" on the end of the tone would  be
the human activity bit if present.  IN 
> fact, just another  pair of dits or dahs on the end,
could signal the other 8 attributes 
> defined (normally by color) for APRS symbols
(omitted in too many applications)...

    Woha!  I thought this was about NEXT gen, not last
gen.   Beeps!  YUCK!  My Microwave, Toaster oven,
Washer and Drier all have the SAME Bleepin BEEP.  Is
the wash done, dear, or my toast?  What are the gas
pumps telling me with their beeps anyway ??  I know
I'm done!  Beeps are OLD technology.

 Speech synthesis chips are here.  Just TELL the poor
bloke some of these things.

Then, in its infinite wisdom, the idea that my old
company rejected – Add *noise* which is proportional
to signal strength (so you *know* signals are about to
drop) – in THIS case, make it proportional to distance
- along with audio level.  I'm sure there are proper
gains for each of these that will be a natural cue. 
This is a more intuitive cue.


73, Steve, K9DCI

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