[aprssig] Re: New APRS Virtual Reality Idea(s)!

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 20 22:14:03 CDT 2007

> The issue is that 45 degrees (in front of right) 
> will be the same as 135 degrees (behind right);
> not a "dead ahead/behind" problem. 

Good point.  I'm betting that this can be resolved by the same method we move our heads to resolve it with our ears.   I hadn't thought of it before, but when we hear a sound to our right, we probably intrinsically move our head a bit to the right, and that movement then resolves for our brain the front-back problem, because one geometry will cause the phase to shift one way, and the other the other.

Similarly for when we hear a sound to our left.

So maybe all we have to do to resolve the the quadrants is to not just put out a constant phase shift, but one that consistantly shifts a small amount when the tone first begins.  (that simulates our head movment).  The shift being the same direction above as I first describe.

Then would not the brain be able to perceive the correct quadrant?

And even if it was artificial to the way the real brain ear works, I bet the brain would adapt very quickly and learn the techinque to resolve the fore/aft ambiguity.  Because with the brief, initial shifts, then the two quadrants would sound different.

Wow, neat stuff.

Bob, Wb4APR

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