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Here is a project I worked on that exceeded ADS-B in volume of traffic that
was able to be tracked, in a mode called AIS-P, or Automatic Independent
Surveillance - Privacy (security).  Provided plane to plane collision
avoidance.  Provided the ability for a small airport to monitor air traffic.

We had a working model with visual display to track aircraft.  Some sample
maps are found here, with reference to APRS.

The principal designer characterized AIS-P like this:

> This is the only known solution for FAA myatonia has forced us into the
> worst air traffic delays ever experienced at the same time that we suffer
> the lowest level of air safety ever experienced.  You can't fix something
> until you understand that you have a problem.  Once you understand the
> problem, if you are from the computer architecture and integrated circuit
> design arena, the solution presents itself.  This is the only solution that
> is dual redundant.  This solution has ~1,000,000 times the NAS capacity of
> its competition (ADS-B on VDL mode 4).  This is the only solution that does
> not present a significant terrorist threat.  This is the only solution that
> only costs about $1000/airplane for minimum compliance.  This solution is
> light years beyond FAA comprehension.

Next gen APRS - 10 years ago.

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> I have been playing with a few concepts
> 1. My current AX25 1200 baud takes about 3 seconds to tx a packet (on
> average)
> 2. The 434 MHz transmitter I made up takes around 25 ms to send a packet.
> 3. ADS-B takes 112uS to transmitt.
> I would like one day to play with PPM (Pulse Positon Modulation) for APRS.
> Unfortunately I am no good at FPGA programming.
> Andrew Rich VK4TEC
> vk4tec at people.net.au
> http://www.tech-software.net
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