[aprssig] New APRS Ideas back on Tpc

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 11:50:23 CDT 2007

That's better, but roger beep?...really, now!  You're
staying too close to the box.  Step out more.
You have the speech synth, use it ! !

This is good:
> it would SPEAK  ...  Just phase delay any audio by
the amount needed for the virtual position.

   I was thinking more like:
 "WB4APR-VAN-two o'clock, three miles,  closing as 45
m p h relative."

 "W3XYZ, TRUCK, eleven o'clock, 1-2 miles headed 9-0
degrees at 4-5 m-p-h"


 "W2GPS-JEEP-dead ahead, inbound course, 1 mile, 2-5
m-p-h,  collison course in 1 point 2 minutes"

OR maybe

"W1ABC car, ten o'clock, three mile, east bound at 4-5
m-p-h.  Course intersect 1 point 4 minutes with
3-0-0-feet separation"

[ you'll be 300 feet apart when the first one crosses
the path of the other (at current speeds / directions 
a.k.a. dead reconing)]

  Just speaking, with clarity, the bearing, speed,
direction info on the D700 display would be better
than a bleepin'  beep.

But then again... in an APRS-busy area...

That being said, there is something to be said about
information overload.  On fighters with voice
wqrnings, there are times when that stupid voice,
constantly announcing that your tail is on fire, is a
nusance and detracts from what's top on you mind --
which is saving your Kiester.  Lesson learned from
that infamous Florida "light bulb" crash...Fly the

The filtering would, indeed, be critical.

73, Steve

--- Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

> ... an application for all of APRS on 144.39.  For
> packets without prior spoken voice (as on 144.39),
> software will have to voice-synthesize the call and
Symbol before
> the roger beep.  In fact, in this case, the speech
can be
> phased into the virtual position completely:
> "WB4APR-VAN-(beep)"
> "W3XYZ-HOUSE-(beep)"
> "W2GPS-JEEP-(beep)"
> Etc...
> Decoder would have a range limit and other filters
> on 144.39 so that you  could isolate the voice
repeorted stuff to
> only those of interest to the immediate event or
> Oh, and of course, 
> Bob, WB4APR
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