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[aprssig] APRS Local Repeater Info

Ron Tonneson ron.tonneson at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 16:41:04 UTC 2007

I have a little problem with "EVERY APRS digipeater to announce its local voice repeater 
frequency".  In some cases the "local" repeater is miles away.

Here in Iowa I have a WIDE1-1 fill-in digipeater that provides fill-in for down town.  I have a 
WIDE digipeater that is about 7 miles away and very near the repeater site.  In this case I have 
the repeater object on the WIDE digipeater only.

I have two other WIDE digipeaters in the middle of nowhere Iowa that provide good coverage of 
Interstate 80.  In both cases there are digipeaters that are nearer the repeaters that are in 
metropolitan areas.  In these cases I think that is more appropriate to have the object on the 
local digipeater, not the one out in the boonies.


Ron - K0QVF

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> The goal is to have EVERY APRS digipeater to announce its local voice repeater frequency recommendation in ITS local area (direct) so that travelers can see what frequency to chat with APRS or other locals.

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