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[aprssig] D-STAR vs. APRS

Mark Miller kramrellim at tx.rr.com
Mon Sep 24 00:07:51 UTC 2007

>Hold on a minute.  I thought one of the benefits of
>going to digitally encoded (vocoded) audio was that
>the vocoded voice requires less (digital) bandwidth
>thus you support data in REAL time at the SAME TIME
>because it is interleaved in the data streem.

What you are describing is true if you set up the DStar radio for 
automatic data transmission.  You can set up the DStar radio to 
transmit data when you press the PTT, and you can be sending voice 
simultaneously.  Most DStar Chat  conversations I have had have been 
in the automatic mode.  This is because we focused on text, then 
moved to voice.

Mark N5RFX 

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