[aprssig] Re: D-STAR video on YouTube

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Mon Sep 24 00:26:02 CDT 2007

At 09:27 PM 9/23/2007, Danny Messano wrote:

>I think we've already established that he doesn't care how the radio is
>made, and how the RF is generated.. What is going out over the air is the

FUD is FUD.  You can wrap it up in any argument you like.   It's still ends 
up being an old man yelling and waving his cane at the passing newfangled 
horseless carriages.

>I think it's almost hysterical that Kenwood comes out with a few radios that
>essentially lock-in the APRS protocol until a successor arrives and there's
>a huge outcry, and then Icom comes with the proprietary lawyer-protected
>D-STAR system and it's the best thing since slice bread.  Don't talk bad
>about the D-STAR.

More FUD  =  "lawyer protected"    Yes, those evil lawyers.    I'm waiting 
for Godwin's Law to come into play.

It's another mode.  It has its flaws, we've acknowledged that.  All the 
people bellyaching now had the opportunity to do a better job a decade ago 
and still have the opportunity now.   Come up with a better standard, 
release it to TAPR, market a kit.  Anything less is sour grapes.

ICOM steps up to the plate and offers a working digital voice mode for the 
Ham community and all you guys can do is throw stones.   Just like we still 
have APRS detractors, and it took a lot of work to unify APRS into what it 
is today.  I personally went and asked for 144.39 to be set aside for APRS 
use among the ATV'ers in SoCal a decade ago.    Where were you?   Had they 
adopted the stance I see here, there would be no coordinated APRS frequency 
and no growth of APRS.   I remember APRS in Phoenix when it was me, George 
Poland, Jerry Wyatt, and a couple of other guys.  We got laughed at a lot.

As I pointed out, there is nothing in the history books that precludes 
D-Star evolving into a true Public Domain standard.     D-Star is 
invigorating and re-defining Ham Radio.   I'm amazed at the growth and 
interest it's generated in hobby that hasn't seen much new in the last 7 or 
8 years.

So go ahead and bad-mouth D-Star all you want.  It just makes you look 
silly.   We even have people here rooting for its demise.  AND, IMHO, 
that's the same thing as rooting for the demise of Ham Radio.  Thanks for 


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