[aprssig] Re: D-STAR video on YouTube

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Mon Sep 24 01:43:31 CDT 2007

At 11:02 PM 9/23/2007, Danny Messano wrote:

>There's no FUD here.  The statements being made are fact.
>There is something keeping D-STAR from evolving into a "Public Domain
>Standard"... fact is, it may as well be a CLOSED system.  If the codec is
>proprietary, it doesn't matter if someone comes up with an open source
>version.. Someone OWNS it.  They will flex muscle if you vilate their IP,

Yes, your glass is half-empty.   Lawyers are evil.  Corporations are 
evil.  Closed development is evil.   No corporation in the history of the 
world has done something philanthropic.

My glass is half-full.

And for every "evil" corporation out there is another that has released IP 
rights at a time when they perceive they have re-couped their investment or 
that development has been surpassed by new technology.

And that totally ignores the fact that people who are deeply involved 
D-Star may develop their own independent system similar but not based on 
AMBE.   And that might not happen if there is no D-Star to show people the way.

Go ahead, bash away.  How many repeaters are being converted to D-Star 
every month?  How many new repeaters are coming online for D-Star every 
month?   At a time when APRS is definitely on the decline, because you guys 
are stuck on technology from 1984 and refuse to move unless there is no 
expense involved.    Everything has to be cheap and freely available.


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