[aprssig] Re: D-STAR video on YouTube

Doug Ferrell kd4moj at kd4moj.org
Mon Sep 24 07:20:13 CDT 2007

On Mon, 24 Sep 2007, Andrew Rich wrote:

> Am I missing something with DSTAR.
> If all you want to do is pass messages, 1200 baud packet is fine.
> The only advantage I can see with DSTAR is the faster data speed.

  Andrew we have noticed increased coverage using D-Star on the same site
as the analog repeater that was pulled for testing (and using less
power). Once
thing that you will notice that the voice does not degrade until you are
out of coverage (the old R2D2/C3PO sound like your digital
cellphone). Once we get internet hooked up, the repeaters will be able to
be linked to others

  Of course GPS data is passed along at the same time if you have a GPS
hooked up, it can then be relayed to the APRS IS if you wish. Also hooking
up a laptop you are run programs to xfer data (like D-Star Chat).

> But then that is disadvantaged by the higher frequency.
> I wrote a HTML based system using packet radio and it worked well.
> Maybe it is the attraction of pushing the IP stack into the radio .


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