[aprssig] I'm still waiting for...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Sep 24 08:00:34 CDT 2007

> This is version 1.0 of digital ... on the 
> ham bands.  Something better will come along and 
> have less attachments, and all will be good 
> in the world.

I doubt it.  No matter what, no mater when, there will be
compliners then too.  Some hams just want to complain because
the world that other people are actually building is different
from what the armchair detractor wants.

We see it in ham radio all the time...  The threat of "I'm not
going to implement such and such" because of some minor feature
that was not included to their liking.  They will hold off doing
the other 98% that is good and useful.  Some people after 15
years of APRS have never tried it, because they want it to
include [you-name-it-goes-here]...

Face it, those that have a mission to do, communications,
emergency preparedness, public service, family communications,
rag chewing, DX, or whatever.  They just go do it with what they
can find.  Some just collect toys and kibitz or talk about how
they would do it if they knew how...

One think is certain in Ham radio.  I learned it from Paul
Rinaldo W4RI and the original AMRAD group that developed the
AX.25 standard...  

That is, that you cannot get people in ham radio to do what
-YOU- want.  Ham radio is a hobby and people do what fulfills
them.  Tell them what to do and nothing gets done.  To get
something done, you look at what individuals want to do that you
believe in and then give them the tools and resources and
support to make progress.

Complaining, and bashing the work of others accomplishes
absolutely nothing towards making progress on anything.  And
only makes life unpleasant for everyone.  In other words, be
public in your support for things that are going the direction
you want, give helpful personal feedback to those areas that you
think need work.  Or I guess, simpler... Do something or be

Something like that anyway...

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