[aprssig] Need Path Mentoring

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Tue Sep 25 15:52:31 CDT 2007

Jan LA2BBA wrote...

> (btw, wouldn't a WIDE2-2 packet be digipeated by a WIDE digi?)

Not in North America unless the digi was using obsolete settings/equipment.

It's too bad that APRS got off on the wrong foot at least as far as paths
go. It took a few years, but the "new paradigm" (actually adopted a couple
of years earlier in the northwest US and western Canada before it was known
as that) has made a huge difference in cutting down QRM and eliminating
untraceable ping-ponging.

We all know from the various discussions over the last couple of years that
the rest of the world isn't going to just adopt the "new" North American way
of doing things unless the rest of the world (notably Europe) decides that
it's a good thing. That probably won't happen until amateur densities in
those parts of the world get to the point that they are in some of the more
densely populated areas in the US and to a lesser extent, in Canada. I think
everyone would agree that a common plan for APRS paths would make life a lot
easier that travel - especially in areas that require multiple path changes
to stay compatible with the infrastructure.

NSR (no source routing) might be one possible solution, but for now, I think
it would be a huge step forward if amateur radio operators world-wide could
hammer this out. It just won't work unless everyone agrees. If it's one
areas of the world "telling" the rest of the world to change, it just isn't
going to happen. It's going to take calm discussion for everyone to come to
agreements. Who knows... maybe the solution will be to change to a new "old"
way of doing things with North America converting BACK to TRACEn-N instead
of the "new" traceable WIDEn-N that is in use over here now. No matter what, 
the old RELAY and WIDE with all the QRM and non-traceable ping ponging must 
go. Based on sheer numbers, it would probably impact less people if "the 
rest of the world" adopted what is now the North American standard, but it's 
not going to happen unless everyone involved agrees that it's the way to go.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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