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[aprssig] UI-View, Tiny2 TNC and collisions!

Michael Carey michaelcarey at internode.on.net
Wed Sep 26 00:07:20 UTC 2007

Hi Everybody,
I run UI-View at home as an I-Gate (VK5ZEA) for the Port Lincoln/Lower 
Eyre Peninsula area.
The TNC is a Paccomm Tiny2 and the radio is a Tait T2000 series. I'm 
using KISS mode, and I've also tried operating it with the AGW Packet 
Engine as well.
I've recently noticed (might have been doing it all along, I'm not sure) 
that this station will happily transmit over other stations without 
hesitation. Even on an open squelch, which causes the DCD LED to 
illuminate, command UI-View to transmit a beacon and the Tiny2 will 
dutifully key up the radio and transmit. Of course, this is not very 
nice and I would like to prevent it.
What could be done about this, where is the carrier detect control done 
with a KISS TNC situation? Is this an issue with the TNC, with UI-View, 
KISS? I made sure that the two Eyre Peninsula digi's have hardware 
carrier detect lines connected to stop them from stomping on other 
stations. I would like the regions I-Gate to observe the same courtesy! :-)
Any ideas?

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