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[aprssig] APRS Local Repeater Info

Bernard Tyers bernard.tyers at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 12:41:11 UTC 2007

On 22 Sep 2007, at 23:19, Bob Bruninga wrote:

>> I have a little problem with "EVERY APRS
>> digipeater to announce its local voice
>> repeater frequency".  In some cases the
>> "local" repeater is miles away.
> Its not a matter of where the local repeater is, its simply "for  
> THIS digi's coverage area, what is the best voice repeater  
> frequency to recommend".
> So we are not trying to get one beacon for every vocice repeater,  
> but one beacon for every dig saying what voice repeater to use in  
> that area.

Hi Bob and all,

Glad you cleared that up...otherwise there would have been 5-6 voice  
repeater objects beaconed everytime here.

In Dublin (Ireland) we have one digi operating (at the moment) versus  
3-4 (I know I have left one or two out) 2m and 70cm voice repeaters,  
70% of which are within coverage of the digi.

So, if there are 2-3 voice repeaters (2m, and 70cm) within coverage  
of the digi, its suggested to beacon them?


Bernard Tyers
bernard.tyers at gmail.com

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