[aprssig] cell phone sized radar cgi on findu?

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Wed Sep 26 08:03:46 CDT 2007

On Sep 26, 2007, at 8:13 AM, bob evinger wrote:

> Broke my cell phone, got a new one, dont see the cgi I was using  
> listed
> on findu that displays the cell phone sized radar map that is centered
> on callsign and an area or maybe 30-40 mile radius.
> anybody know what it is.  I stuck the big radar cgi on my phone for  
> now
> but seeing the entire radar for an entire 2 state area just doesnt  
> work
> real well on the phone.
There was one which is deprecated, but the correct way to do this is  
with the radar-find cgi, this gives you full control over the  
display. In fact the deprecated cgi simply called the radar-find cgi  
with a fixed set of parameters that worked for whatever cell phone I  
had at the time. The parameters are documented at


For example, here is the URL I use on the iPhone, it is magnified  
because the iPhone starts with it scaled to fit the screen, the zoom  
factor allows me to zoom in on the part I want and makes it easier to  
see the full details:


I had to add the amx radar to the end, because the Key West radar is  
down at the moment, but if you do not specify a radar call it will  
automatically use the closest.

If you have an old fashioned cell phone with a small display and no  
zoom (be ashamed you Luddites ;-), you might want something like:


Remember the offset is from the center to the edge, so 50's give a  
100x100 pixel image. Zoom works <1, so if you wanted to see more area  
in those 100 pixels, you can do this:


Steve K4HG

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