[aprssig] Path Policing

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Sep 26 10:18:59 CDT 2007

> it be a possibility to send a message from the 
> DIGI *back* to the offending station to the effect 
> of "your path is not supported here..

Been considered before, but most of the problem is from one-way
TX devices that are not receiving messages anyway.  So it just
adds to the QRM for no benefit.  Recently we have asked that all
such TRACKER devices include either their VOICE monitoring
frequency or their Email address so they can be contacted

The counter proposal was then to have FINDU play path police,
since the one-way TX devices are probably intended for viewing
on the internet...  But that places FINDU in an awkward position
too.  And because of FINDU's dupe-filter, it does not have the
full piture of local packet impact on the network.

The solution is simply education.  "Use WIDEn-N with a small
value of N for your area."  The New-N paradigm greatly
simplified and eliminated old legacy paths.  So education should
now be the focus.

Everyone can help by finding any old web page references to
RELAY and WIDE and bringing them to the author's attention for
updating.  This applies to the USA and all areas that have
obsoleted RELAY.  It may not apply in Europe that still supports
many different paths..


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