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[aprssig] Ram Mount w/D700 control head

Chuck Gooden cgooden at insightbb.com
Thu Sep 27 03:23:29 UTC 2007

I did not like the idea of drilling holes in my dash so I went with the 
Panavise mount.  I had to remove the plastic panel then slide the 
Panavise mount in along side the radio and tighten two screws for the 
radio.  Next I used some angle aluminum painted black to form a bracket 
the D700 mount will attach too using some 6-32 (8-24 ?) machine screws.

I used a RJ45 coupler attached with some Velcro on the underside of the 
bracket to extend the mic cable. The radio itself mounts under the 
driver seat in my Venture van.  I can send pictures if anyone is interested.

Make sure you run the power directly from the battery, at least the 
positive lead anyway. My negative lead is tied to the chassis where the 
battery is grounded.  The hardest part of the install is attempting to 
be patient when removing dash and interior plastic pieces with out 
breaking them or the clips that hold them.  I do not like working on cars.

Use the information that's been posted and weigh the options before 
setting out to do your install. 

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