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[aprssig] D700A TNC Problems????

Bernard Tyers bernard.tyers at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 11:31:27 UTC 2007

On 15 Sep 2007, at 00:16, Ray Wells wrote:

> Let's take this a little deeper than just routing.
> What is the rx response time at the two stations? There are radios  
> and radios! There will be a particularly noticeable difference in  
> TNC response time if one station is running muted (squelched) audio  
> to the TNC and the other is using unmuted audio.

Hi Ray,

the above comment I take it is to do with the digi radio?

if the digi radio is running with squelched audio then the response  
could be slower?

just to make sure i have it correct.

thanks all,

Bernard Tyers
bernard.tyers at gmail.com

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