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[aprssig] Raw Packet Questions

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Sep 29 01:49:32 UTC 2007

>> Raw packet: XXXXXX-x>SY0P0Z,RELAY,WIDE2-2,
   qAo,N9VP:'iXl K\]146.850MHz & v-Alert=
>> What is happening here? What is 146.850MHZ telling us? The
>> mobile is using v-Alert and has a new Kenwood 710. Right?
> The station is using an obsolete path.
> The beacon comment indicates that the user is 
> listening on 146.850 & is also using voice alert... 
> was the station WB4APR-9? Bob isn't using RELAY 
> all of the time, but he was for at least three 
> recent beacons.

Guilty!  Rememebr, I fixed it again last week.  And after 5 hours of driving to DCC finally noticed it was back again!  I reported it to Kenwood as a BUG.  It would just not reemmeber the change back from RELAY... to WIDE1-1...

Bug was on me.  Yes, I was chainging the beacon method to WIDEN-N.  I was Saving it in PM...   But apparently I was not hitting the "USE" button.!

So, it was operator error!  My way home should finally be correct... hi hi


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