[aprssig] APRS buoy - transmit power and antenna?

Joel Kandel kandelj at bellsouth.net
Sat Sep 29 12:15:27 CDT 2007

I'm thinkling that if the Natl Wx Service were amenable, it might be a nice 
experiment to relay it through the Hurricane Hunter aircraft 
Joel, KI4T

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>> Did anything happen with your APRS buoy?
> It never left the pier.  Was not ready for prime time and then
> the end of semester came..  Hope to build one this fall.
>> > it sounds pretty unlikely that I'll receive
>> > many packets from such a buoy, especially if
>> > it's far from shore.
> Tropo around here is amazing.  We have no problem in the
> chesapeak bay, since land is always line of sight.  But for the
> great lakes, do they have tropo up there?  A good beam I bet
> could bring in the packets I bet...
> Bob, WB4APR
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