[aprssig] APRS QSO frequency

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Sep 29 23:30:09 CDT 2007

> I didn't actually know it was a D710 until I read back to 
> some older messages and came across the one from you that 
> mentioned that the D710 can include the B frequency in the 
> beacon comment. Nice feature!

Yes, it will be really nice when there are enough people putting their true-real-time operating frquency in their position reports so that people will actually begin to trust that if you call the person on their "position report published frequency" that they will actually be there!

I hope people will soon see how revolutionary to APRS this FREQUENCY parameter in APRS can be.  This combined with the local-repeater-frequency-objects means that APRS is now a facilitator of real time human-to-human contact via FREQUENCY exchange.

I was disappointed that my 7 hour drive from Maryland through PA, NY and CT, and passing by at least 20 digipeaters, never once did I see any local voice repeater frequency objects except the 3 I got in Maryland before I left and the One I got on arrival in CT.  But it is growing.

This is not an acusation, because part of the problem is MY poor receiver sensitiivty due to the high noise floor in my Prius.  Now after this long drive, playing with radios all the way, I am convinced that my 2m rigs do not hear as well as they should.  

Anyway, APRS is grass roots.  We need everyone to monitor their local DIGI.  If after 10 minutes, there is not a local FREQ object on their map, then they should contact their local DIGI sysop and ask him to add it.

Please see:

spread the word...

Oh, and when you see a mobile with his frequency in his beacon, then call him and say hi!

wb4apr, bob

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