[aprssig] D710 standalone control head!

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Sep 30 18:44:49 CDT 2007

>> kenwood announced... the new D710 control head 
>> will be sold separately too, since it can be 
>> used for APRS with any other kenwood radio, 
>> not just the D710.
> 9600 or just 1200?    If 9600, does it 
> use the standard mini-din data plug? 

I donno.  But it looks like it is made for plug-and-play with any other kenwood radios that have the "data" jack.  I think it includes the mini-din "data" cable that plugs into most modern Kenwood radios that gives access directly to the modulators and demodulators.

That would be needed to operate 9600 baud, I guess.


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