[aprssig] [Xastir] question on weather setup

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 1 08:04:37 CST 2008

> I have a separate weather system. That 
> monitors my solar and wind farm...
> Mike K4MQF

For what its worth...

For a home station with alternate energy, you might consider
adding one of the home overlay characters to your station if you
are using the house symbol...  Oh, just checked, and you are
using an Igate symbol..:

/- = House
\- = (was HF)
5- = 50 Hz mains power
6- = 60 Hz mains power
B- = Backup Battery Power
E- = Emergency power
G- = Geothermal
H- = HF
O- = Operator Present
S- = Solar Powered
W- = Wind powered

These are in the APRS1.2 symbol update:

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