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[aprssig] Garmin C550 GPS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Dec 4 17:59:27 UTC 2008

> Various models of Garmins have differing quality of implementation of
> the FMI mode and I don't know if anyone has tested the C550 with the
> Tracker2 to find out how well it performs. I think it's generally

It's not on my 'tested' list yet.

> Scott also recently posted a note on his work towards deciphering the
> FMI v2 protocol, which presents many challenges. I don't know which

There are some major flaws in how FMI v2 works that might make it 
unusable for plotting waypoints, but I'm working on it.

> I don't recall, but it's also possible Scott is working on a simple
> garmin-protocol -> NMEA translator circuit that doesn't bother with
> all the FMI features, but just does plain translation.

Yeah, I'm trying to get a few beta test units ready this week but the 
QFN packages are a real pain to solder by hand.  The board is something 
like 3/8" wide.  It'll generate NMEA output for any FMI-compatible 
device that has the mini-USB connector (not the 18-pin style), but again 
the waypoint display has only been shown to work right on the nuvi 350. 
  It'll translate Kenwood D710 PKWDWPL sentences, though, so if you do 
have a D710 and nuvi 350 they'll work well together.


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