[aprssig] APRS via PCSAT-1 soon!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Dec 7 10:41:39 CST 2008

>> Ok, I understand.  K3PDK sends out 
>> DX packets when it is getting close
>> and an object packet when it is overhead.
> Couldn't we tweak digi_ned to send out the 
> proper Frequency Object so the D710's would 
> automatically QSY to the right PCSAT 
> frequency at the right time...  

Yes, I think K3PDK is working on it to get the formats right.
THen, as sooon as PCSAT comes in view in your area, you will see
an alert on the front panel of your radio, and you can QSY to
work it with just one button push on the front panel of the

This is exciting stuff.  He is also putting out the
traffic-speed-sign-posts at some key critical intersections to
help out the APRS commuters.


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