[aprssig] KG4NRC-1 Waynesboro TN digi site

Sean Jewett sean at rimboy.com
Thu Dec 11 12:37:29 CST 2008

I'm emailing to see if there's any interest in someone taking over the
Waynesboro TN site that KG4NRC-1 is at.  The tower is a former ATT
Long Lines site and the antenna is approx halfway up the ~200 ft.
tower.  Access to the site is relatively easy and is just a short
drive on a regularly traveled gravel road just off a US highway near
Waynesboro.  The site was brought online primarily to provide APRS
coverage along a portion of the Natchez Trace Parkway National Park.

The site is currently run by Dukenet Communications.  Unfortunately
the terms of the lease have recently changed and combined with my
location in Nashville (about a 2 hour drive) it is now unfeasible for
me to continue maintaining the digi.   In addition there's a chance I
may not be in the Nashville area next fall so agreeing to the new
conditions of the lease don't make much sense.

Here are the highlights of the terms of the lease which Dukenet is
free to (and has and probably will) change at any time:

Vegetation maintenance.  No vegetation in the fenced area and at least
a 10ft buffer around the fence / building.  I have a push mower on
site (that I can leave) and it's doable -- about 2 hours tops with the
mower and they don't care how it gets done... feel free to use your
favorite herbicide.  Note that there are fire ants in the area.  I've
run over a few fire ant mounds with the mower but have avoided being
attacked by them.

They want you to keep the grounds free of litter.  This has been a
problem because of the rural nature of the area.  People on occasion
trespass to party at the site though most of the litter is located
near the gate.  They replaced the gate this fall and it's unclear if
this will reduce trespassing / litter.

Quarterly trips to test the tower lights.  They have specific
instructions on how to conduct the quarterly test.

You have to have ARRL liability insurance that according to Dukenet's
info will cost ~$300 yearly.  You won't know until you apply with the
ARRL, I'm sure a few probably know more about this than I do, I had
someone climb the tower for me.

There is one commercial customer on the site.

If anyone is interested I can put you in contact with Dukenet.  The
digi has been on the air since spring/summer 2005.  I'm willing to
discuss the future of the hardware running the site as well.  I don't
see myself bringing another site online anytime soon.



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