[aprssig] Sub-second timeslots

Wes Johnston wes at ai4px.com
Tue Dec 16 13:47:59 CST 2008

I once hooked two KISS tnc's back to back.  Was catching 9k6 mic-e packets 
at the 2m voice repeater receiver and gating them out on 144.39 at 1200 
baud.  Neat experiment... there was no need to mute the mic-e packets they 
just sounded like squelch tail.


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>> good idea.  I wonder if the RMC is consistent across multiple GPS 
>> vendors?
> Probably not.  I think it's the default for at least the Garmin GPS 18,
> and I think the top-of-second sentence is configurable now.  It might be
> that I have to make it an option on the tracker end as well.  I don't
> know that there's any guarantee that the NMEA sentences are aligned to
> the top of the second at all, but on the few I've checked so far that
> seems to be the case.
>> But I like the idea of a spec to outline the concepts of time-slotting. 
>> But it would be nice to test with at least one WIDEn-N path so that this 
>> technique coiuld be used through cross-band digipeaters.  I think having 
>> at least one hop should be conisdered a requirement.
> An extra 7 bytes shouldn't be a problem.  Still, I'd rather have the
> brains for that sort of thing in the digipeater itself.  Or you could do
> it with a couple of KISS TNCs back-to-back...
> Scott
> N1VG
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