[aprssig] aprssig Digest, Vol 54, Issue 20

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Dec 18 15:59:04 CST 2008

The OT1+ firmware can be compiled with an option to have it output 
TNC2-style data as well.  I just haven't released that because I haven't 
had time to get the input part and the command line emulation working - 
the idea was to make it a cheap TNC substitute for things like APRSdos 
that can't handle KISS or AGWPE.


Curt, WE7U wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Dec 2008, canoeman at qnet.com wrote:
>> thers an aprs decoder only board being sold on ebay
>> here's the link for it its only 20 bucks.
>> or go to ebay and search for aprs, there's a decode (receive only board) and a
>> encode (transmit only board.)
> There's also the OpenTracker+ (OT1+) kit that you can load KISS
> firmware into.  If you later need a tracker, load the normal
> firmware back in.
>      http://www.argentdata.com/products/otplus.html
> It'll also dump waypoint strings out to the GPS, so perhaps one
> could use the normal firmware instead and just send those stations
> and positions to the database?  Depends on what you want to capture
> from each packet I suppose.

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