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[aprssig] 16x16 icon set on transparent background?

Gerhard f5vag.eu at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 22:37:10 UTC 2008

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 9:38 PM, Keith VE7GDH <ve7gdh at rac.ca> wrote:
> Gerhard F5VAG wrote...
>> My Web server just sends the .png file. The rest is an artifact
>> produced by your Mr. M$'s installation.
> Interesting, but when I placed the file on another web server, I didn't
> see the "Quicktime" thingy pop up on the screen when I browsed to it,
> and as expected, "view source" didn't do anything as there was no source
> code to view. Doesn't matter... just a curiosity, but I don't think it
> was my web browser because it acted differently when retrieving the
> file from your server.

My browser (Firefox3) doesn't show the "Quicktime" thingy at all.

> PS - I also figured out that the PNG file you provided the link to was
> just the one symbol and not a whole set of them like is used in
> UI-View - hi!

The icon tiles produced by Stephen are here:

The individual symbols are copied on the fly and then cashed.

73 de Gerhard, F5VAG / DL7MW
http://f5vag.eu, france.aprs2.net

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