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[aprssig] KPC-3+ KISS mode delayed packet issue?

Chuck Kimball n0nhj at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 19 21:40:32 UTC 2008

I've seen it on several Igates, even when not running KISS.  My solution 
is to restart UI-View nightly, and as part of the comm command file, I 
send a reset to the TNC.  Seems to avoid the problem.

When I've seen it pop up it's always been after the TNC has run for 
extended periods (weeks, months).

Chuck  n0nhj

Tom Russo wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 12:39:35PM -0500, we recorded a bogon-computron collision of the <wes at ai4px.com> flavor, containing:
>> I seem to recall something about delayed packets too.. but I think it was 
>> with TNCx.  The tnc would not push out the packet until it recieved a <cr> 
>> or <lf>.  Yes, I know that kiss frames are bounded by $C0, but I'm trying 
>> desperately to remember this problem.  Maybe it was a KPC3.  Hopefully what 
>> I've said will jog your memory too.
> It didn't jog my memory and doesn't seem to be the issue I'm having, but I 
> called home and had the YL do a power-cycle on the TNC and the problem went 
> away --- my digipeats are now all of the time-stamped packets that are going 
> out *now*, instead of the time-stamped packet from 5-10 minutes
> ago.  So the problem was at my station and power cycling the TNC did clear it 
> up, at least for now. But it took me a long time to notice the issue, and I'd 
> like to avoid it in the future.
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>> From: "Tom Russo" <russo at bogodyn.org>
>> To: <aprssig at tapr.org>
>> Sent: Friday, December 19, 2008 12:33 PM
>> Subject: [aprssig] KPC-3+ KISS mode delayed packet issue?
>>> I seem to recall reading here some time back that there was some bug in
>>> the KPC-3+ in KISS mode that could cause it to screw up and hold packets
>>> for some reason.
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