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[aprssig] Appalacian TRail and ham radio

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Dec 21 13:39:00 UTC 2008

> Bob - I suspect using [the generic
> callsign] ATRAIL [for all survey hikers] 
> may cause problems with the "speed 
> limits" imposed by the APRS-IS...
> to prevent ping-ponging...

Thanks, GOod point!

Fortunately, we have a volunteer already that says he can log all "ATRAIL" posits at his data server, and then all we have to do is plot dots on a map and we have a trail coverage map.

And maybe we should make them unique as ATRAIL-N and then combine it all later.  On any given day, one could just check map.findu.com/atrail* and pick an unused N.  Then the regular APRS map servers could be used for following individuals on any given hike...

> You should get in touch with some of 
> the AT Trail Crew groups... they'll
> carry in just about anything with 
> an excuse... 

Great idea!

Loan them a 5W APRS microtracker, and sit back and watch the data come in!  

Thanks, Bob, WB4APR

>Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> And maybe some of you may go hiking over the holidays, so why not carry your APRS radio.
>> HERE IS MY RECOMMENDATION: so that we get a nice data base with the least effort and the most fun:
>> 1) SET MYCALL TO "ATRAIL" (only on the trail)
>> 2) SET your own call in your status text
>> 3) SET rate to 3 minutes
>> 4) SET PATH to WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1
>> 5) Enjoy all the hiking you want ON THE AT
>> No matter how many of us do this, every dot will show accessibility, and although the "track" will pingpoing, the summation of DOTS will plot the accessible trail!
>> It is imperative that the MYCALL of "ATRAIL" only be used when actually on the trail to avoid dots all over the place, going to and from the trail.
>> Does anywone know if FINDU would retain all of these points? and for how long?
>> Bob, WB4APR
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