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Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Dec 25 15:57:25 CST 2008

Matt Murphy wrote:
> Merry Christmas all!
> I am looking for a portable aprs mapping solution for a friend. 
> One to run on a pocket PC.  Besides "aprsce" is there anything else?


Pocket PCs and "Pocket Windows" a.k.a "Windows CE" (Windows Compact 
Edition) a.k.a. "WinCE" a.k.a "Windows Mobile"  only *look * 
more-or-less like Windows.

Pocket PCs use one of several kinds of CPUs and system architectures 
that are totally different from the standard Intel or AMD-based PCs that 
run regular Windows.  No normal Window applications will run on the 
Pocket PC/Windows Mobile platform.  

Given that:

1)   Stand-alone PDA-type devices (either Windows Pocket PC or 
Palm-based) are rapidly being supplanted by smart phones as all-purpose 
portable computing/communications devices.

2)   Microsoft has tried repeatedly to recycle the   
not-terribly-successful   Pocket PC cum Windows CE cum  Windows CE 
(Phone Edition) cum Windows Mobile  (their market-droids keep renaming 
the thing in the hope that it will finally take off), and is now 
positioning it as a mobile phone operating system.

3)   Acceptance of Windows Mobile is running far behind other mobile 
phone operating systems (particularly the iPhone's cut-down version of 
the Unix-based Mac OS, the Linux-based Google Android phone OS, Nokia's 
various OS'es and various others derived from the royalty-free Linux.).

As a result, I would not hold my breath expecting a great outpouring of 
new development for WinCE a.k.a. Windows Mobile.


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