[aprssig] Another Bootlegger Using APRS As a Commercial AVL System ???

Jim Duncan jdbandman at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 27 22:19:39 CST 2008

Don't they have an obligation (at least morally?) to ascertain that the
people they sell to are properly licensed? At the very least they SHOULD
inform their customers of the requirement for a valid amateur license and
potential penalties!


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Why file against Byonics? I don't see how they have broken a law? What
would that serve?

Chuck Bland

Quoting Jim Duncan <jdbandman at earthlink.net>:

> Well, why doesn't somebody close to one of them track them down, ID them,
> and then file a complaint against them AND Byonics with FCC? Granted with
> things as they now are there I wonder if anything would be done....
> 73 de Jim, KU0G

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