[aprssig] Another Bootlegger Using APRS As a Commercial AVL System ???

Patrick winston at winston1.net
Sun Dec 28 10:16:11 CST 2008

The trackers though aren't transmitters in and of themselves which is 
what requires fcc licenses...  You don't need a license for a scanner to 
listen to amateur frequencies..  Along that line I know of a couple 
groups of people who've hacked trackers such that they're connected to 
cell phones as the method of transmission such that they can be used as 
a way of figuring out where your car is should it be stolen...  The 
problem isn't that they're using the aprs format to track things..  Its 
that they're doing so over the ham spectrum without using their callsign 
(assuming they have one).


Bill Vodall WA7NWP wrote:
>> Byonics has no liability here.  Anyone can by a tinytrack and use it
>> for any thing they want, but to use it with an amateur radio
>> transceiver you would need an amateur radio license.
> Is that really true.   I'm fairly certain the vendors like Byonics
> have some agreements with Bob and that's probably for APRS on amateur
> radio.   Commercial uses may be a totally different arrangement.
> Remember how even Radio Shack had notices on the merchandise when they
> were selling Amateur Radio equipment.
> Bill, WA7NWP
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