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[aprssig] Objects vs real stations..

Len N9IJ n9ij at comcast.net
Tue Dec 30 18:50:48 UTC 2008

I live relatively close to Chicago, basically an urban county, with many hams. While learning a new APRS capable HT, I realized that, though there is a plethora of objects on the county map, few are providing more than a "here I am" announcement. I am in the process of putting a stand-alone WIDE1-1 up at home because, though there are several objects shown near-by, non are digi-peating.

We have a very active RACES operation that excells in SKYWARN functions. They own many radios, at least one TNC, three repeaters and are located at a site that employs four hams. Their only APRS activity is having their EOC icon and repeater info placed on the map as objects generated by a home station. There are several APRS weather stations so we can monitor the 2-3 degree difference but essentially the same weather, between them. Others appear on the map as home stations but are actually only objects being placed on the map via internet only operation.

My intent is not to slam any of the above, rather to question the benefit of having much of the map or spectrum real estate populated by objects that are not "really" there. There must be a bunch of ancient 2-meter radios, and old TNC's that can become a WIDE1-1 andbe put into service.

Is it me, or is this faux-APRS operation become the norm in other areas?
Len Revelle N9IJ 
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