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[aprssig] Xastir folks - reflector broke

ka7o at ka7o.net ka7o at ka7o.net
Wed Dec 31 00:38:43 UTC 2008

Thanks Curt!

Sorry I hadn't looked at the main site in awhile.

My bad - I hadn't even tried to update the Fedora 10 how-to yet!
:: it works very well ::

Bad ham, no cheese for you!

73, ka7o

> On Mon, 29 Dec 2008, ka7o wrote:
> As you can see from this web page:
>      http://www.xastir.org/
> the person who runs the mailing lists and xastir.org site (including
> the main Wiki pages) is aware of the problem.  He's the only one
> with access to those servers and applications.  I wish him well in
> fixing things up and I'm sure he'll let a few of of the other
> developers know if we can help in any way.
> If the problems become a permanent thing we'll regroup and set
> things up elsewhere.
> The SourceForge.net Xastir site is still up, so file releases and
> CVS sources are available as always.
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