[aprssig] Preventing D700 & GPS Resets - Mobile

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Fri Feb 1 06:20:02 CST 2008

Use a second battery, and split/float charge it from the main vehicle
supply with devices from the likes of PowerStream, HellRoaring or
similar vendors.

No black/brownouts, and minimum spikes.


Dave G0WBX.

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> Subject: [aprssig] Preventing D700 & GPS Resets - Mobile
> I have noticed a recurring problem with both my D700 and 
> Garmin GPS-162, every time I start my new vehicle (2007 
> Taurus). Both are powered via the accessory/cig light plug 
> (all of my prior aprs setups using this same equipment have 
> been powered the same way, with no difficulties). When I 
> start the car, (if the D700 and GPS are already on), they 
> both turn off. I'm also not especially fond of what 
> transients might be hitting them, in addition to the loss of power.
> As a cure I thought about adding the MFJ 4403 voltage 
> conditioner, which has
> 4 Farads of capacitance on the line. It looks to me like this 
> might cure the problem and protect against transients as well.
> Has anyone tried one of these for this purpose, or does 
> anyone have any thoughts on this proposed solution?
> ...hasan, N0AN 
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