[aprssig] Has anyone else seen this?

Rory Burke rory at burke.ac
Fri Feb 1 06:31:43 CST 2008

The D7 I'm using has battery save disabled.  When listening with the  
D7, the first one beacon from the D710 is never decoded. The second  
and subsequent ones always are decoded. I've also sat within a few  
hundred feet of the local digipeater and witnessed the same result -  
the first beacon is ignored, and the second and subsequent ones are  
digipeated.  I have parked within 50 feet of the local i-Gate. The  
first beacon is ignored. The second and subsequent ones are i-Gated.

After running further tests, I've determined that if I change the TX  
Delay of the internal TNC - Menu 601 - from the default of 200ms to  
300ms, the manual beacon is decoded first time, every time, by the D7,  
the local digi, and the local i-Gate.

73 - Rory

On Feb 1, 2008, at 6:17 AM, Dave Baxter wrote:

> But what radio are you using to check the 710's beacons with?
> It's *that* radio (not the 710) that may have a battery save feature
> enabled, that shuts down most of the RX, so it will appear that the
> senders first beacon is truncated.
> Disable that if you can, or run with the squelch wide open so there is
> no doubt.
> You won't need a TNC to tell if there is a TXDelay problem on the  
> 710 in
> that case.   You'll hear the difference between first and subsiquent
> packets.
> Dave G0WBX.

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