[aprssig] Preventing D700 & GPS Resets - Mobile

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
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The only way you will "Burn" anything (and I have seen it done, very spectacular!) accessory wise while starting a vehicle engine, is if said accessory has a direct connection to the battery negative with no fuse, AND a direct connection (antenna cable) to the vehicle frame or body. AND there is a bad battery ground strap.  THEN  a fair proportion of the starter cranking current will find it's way back to the battery via your expensive accessory, showing up any weeknesses in it's internal wiring.
It is for this reason that many (most) Ham Radio sets intended for use in a vehicle have both the +ve and -ve leads fused.    If ever the -ve fuse blows, and you have an instalation like the above, look for a bad battery ground strap.   It is quite a common fault on older vehicles.
Poor starting, bad charging, dim head lights, "strange" instrument readings at night, suden reports of poor TX audio (odd noises) etc, are othe symptoms that should make you go inspect the battery and engine ground's..
Take care.
Dave G0WBX.


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I have been running APRS mobile since 1993, in some fashion or another.

I've had 3 D700s since they first came out. I have two D710's now, since
they came out.

I TRY to NEVER start the car with them, or any of my other radios and toys
turned on.

I'm not perfect. In the last 15 years, I've probably started the car with
radios turned on 6-10 times..

Twice it made the D700 do strange things. Easy fix, just had to do a reset,
and reload the backup file from the Kenwood software on my laptop.

Once I started the car with my 706 turned on... Took a little longer to get
it working.

But, never burned anything up in any radios.

Not perfect. Glad I have not trashed anything yet...


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