[aprssig] 6 Mtr APRS etc

Ian ZL1VFO zl1vfo at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 3 21:49:49 CST 2008

Hi Phillip,

Try sending your email as plain text, rather than HTML, and see if
that helps or makes any difference. (Text being smaller than HTML with

On the subject of 6m APRS, 52.575MHz was mooted a while back to
compliment 144.575MHz and 432.575MHz 2m & 70cm APRS frequencies.
By rights, it probably should be 50.575MHz, but as NZ TV Ch1 is
45.25MHz Vision and 50.750 Sound, there's be a lot of places around NZ
where we wouldn't be able to use 50.575MHz without trashing Ch1 sound,
so 52.575MHz was suggested instead.

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> Well I don' t know what is happening to my Text that I send to the group the
> last 3 messages I have sent here have had the TXT removed and I get a
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