[aprssig] New Truck/Setup Ford Expedition GPS and Install Questions

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sun Feb 3 23:05:29 CST 2008

> Any suggestions as to which GPS units I should be looking at? I have been
> tempted to look at the AV/MAP G5 but am wondering if there is anything
> better out there. Since this will be our primary GPS as large as we can get
> is what we are looking for. I am getting away with this expense since the

I don't know if you've seen my posts over the last few days, but I've 
got the Tracker2 working with the Garmin Nuvi 350, and presumably the 
same code should work with the higher-end models, including some of the 
StreetPilots.  Some of those match the AvMap units for screen size.

Unless Kenwood and AvMap have really changed things since I last saw 
their demo, all that combination gives you is callsigns on a map, with 
one icon for moving stations and one icon for fixed stations.

The Tracker2, used with any supported Garmin unit (and some Magellans 
too) will choose appropriate symbols out of the available set (plus 
custom symbols for some models), and will set comment text and altitude 
for each station.  The Nuvi and StreetPilot models with fleet management 
support can also do text messaging.

I think I only posted this to the Tracker2 group, but I've now got the 
command interface for the T2 working through the FMI messaging as well. 
  To send a command to the TNC, you just tap 'create message', and type 
the command, prefixing it with '!'.  For example, '!alias 1 wide' would 
set alias 1 to 'wide'.  Send '!info' and it sends back a message showing 
voltage, temperature, packets received, packets digipeated, buffer 
errors, and so forth.

What I'm going with myself is a T2-135 (Tracker2 internal board for the 
Alinco DR-135T) hooked straight to the Nuvi 350.  That's about $500, 
total.  For another $400 you can buy a TM-V71A or FT-8800R and have a 
full-featured dual bander (no need to sacrifice a VFO to APRS) and still 
be $300 under the cost of a D710 and G5.  And it's easier to type on and 
read, too.


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