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Alan M. Fudge DVM pugacre at pacbell.net
Mon Feb 4 10:18:02 CST 2008

No matter how much I have read on APRS- not everything is crystal clear.
I have my Mini-tracker (Icom HT) set for Wide 1-1,Wide2-1
and my MT1200 in portable mobile (Yaesu) box set for Wide 1-1, 2-2

Our local search and rescue group has been successfully using Kenwood  
mobiles for APRS in the 4WD for several years- can be seen at command  
post and some more remote stuck in snow rescues- the deputy  
coordinator can watch on internet at home. I know that they have the  
Kenwood set not to display packets from more than 50 miles away.  
(typically using 144.39 but sometimes another VHF or UHF freq).

On a recent exercise, I was surprised my minitracker wasn't  
digipeated. Jeep guy said "we don't digipeat handhelds."

Well more recently our Foot group purchased several HTs (Kenwood TH- 
D7 with GPS attached) to assign to foot teams. After a couple of  
years they actually have never been on a mission- due to technical  
challenges for new hams and operational issues. I am trying to see  
them incorporated as a tool (after all our non-profit spent $$ buying  

So I have a unit and am "playing with it. I note the HTs are set for  
RELAY, WIDE. And looking at some paths for known 4WD (Aprs query), it  
appears that the Kenwood mobiles are set for the same.

Knowing that this type of setting is consider passe' and for 4WD to  
continue to comm APRS (among themselves, command post and to internet  
when remotely managed) in mostly rural county AND to have them serve  
as digipeaters for the HTs, what settings would be optimal.

And please define what RELAY means.

Finally I was under the impression that the TH-D7 also could  
digipeat, but was told no.

Thank you- the more I read, the less I know.

Other than the Bob B's official APRS site, are there any updated pubs  
Alan M. Fudge DVM
Ham Call:  K6PUG

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