[aprssig] APRSData + d710 auto tune

Michael J. Wolthuis wolthui3 at msu.edu
Thu Feb 7 08:40:03 CST 2008

I am not sure how many of you still utilize the APRSData program for
alerting to satellites on APRS, but I use it daily here in Michigan still to
know when AO-51 or ISS are over horizon.  

It is getting a little hard to maintain on the DOS box, but well worth it.
I keep hoping for Xastir implementation.  Anyways. my question.


Does anyone use it with a d710 and the auto-tune function?  My goal would be
when the OBJECT comes out of APRSData I hit Auto-tune and it lands me on the
right frequency at least for downlink.


My guess is that APRSData's format does not match with the d710's
requirements for Auto-tune, but I thought I would ask.







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