[aprssig] ATV integration idea

Wes Johnston, AI4PX wes at ai4px.com
Thu Feb 7 10:20:37 CST 2008

Guys, I'd liek to try something, but need to find someone with a
descent ATV transmitter to play with.

I'd like to setup a tinytrak or opentrak at a 1 second beacon rate and
play the aprs packts into the audio path of an atv transmitter.
Decoding on the other end would be to split the audio and video to a
TV monitor and a TNC to use something like xastir to display.

The slick part would be to attach a GPS unit with compass to the top
of camera and set the switchover threshold of the calculated
heading/vs compass heading to a speed faster than plan to move.  That
way the heading indicated to aprs would be the direction the camera
was looking.... and clients like xastir and winaprs would show a barb
from the aircraft indicating the direction the camera is looking.  I
think the gps76cs and the rino130 will do this.

Anyone got an ATV transmitter with audio they wouldn't mind letting me
tinker with for a few weeks?

Please reply off sig..... (like anyone ever does! lol)

Some people's minds are so open, their brains fall out.

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