[aprssig] Did an airplane crash in Martinsburg WV?

Joseph M. Durnal joseph.durnal at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 08:00:51 CST 2008

Is there some sort of training exercise going on?

No, just someone trying to be cute with APRS.

140   *080739z3926.66N\07756.47W'K8SDG owes $140 he barrowed for an

This is a huge packet that I don't really understand.  but in any
event, it is probably best not to use \' for fun and games.  I see
folks using fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, etc not because that
is the type of vehicle they are in, but more as a personalization.
While this is generally harmless, it could be pretty confusing if
there was an actual emergency and folks were trying to figure out
where the assets are.

APRS gives the casual op room for some personalization, and this
packet is a good example.
N2NWK>APU25N,KV3B-2,N3KTX-2*,WIDE2:>082349zWe Support Hillary Clinton
for the Presidency of U.S.A

I'm not trying to spoil the APRS experience for anyone, just to inform
that the selection of an icon that looks they way you like, could have
a very different meaning to other users on the network.  I'm probably
preaching to the choir here, maybe I should whip up an article for

73 de Joseph Durnal NE3R

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